Protecting Your Rights After an Injury

 Aged Banana

The key to protect your rights is knowing that injury cases are perishable.  Even though most people know that instinctively, we still see older cases where evidence and witnesses have been lost or moved, memories have faded, and heaven forbid, the time to file a lawsuit has passed.  Too often folks wait too long to contact a St. George injury attorney.  This happens for a variety of reasons including people not being comfortable talking with a lawyer.  We want to overcome that problem for 2 main reasons:

1)  Your physical health

The compensation that comes from an injury case is usually intended to pay the medical bills and compensate for the pain and suffering associated with your injury.  If a key piece of evidence goes missing, a witness becomes unavailable, or a time limit is exceeded, the compensation that would have paid for your doctor bills and pain and suffering may be reduced.  Do not wait until you are in a position where you choose not to see a doctor because you don’t know if your bills will eventually get paid.  And please, do not suffer through the pain while the insurance company drags their feet.  You owe it to yourself to seek out expert advice so that your personal injury rights, and your health, can be maximized.

2) Your finances

We take the stress out of the medical billing process.  If there has been a job loss or reduction in hours due to the injury, the problem becomes compounded.  There is nothing worse than when those bills go into collection while trying to bounce back from an injury.  Dixie Law Office can typically work with providers so that that you don’t have to stress about these financial issues.

We are here to assist you and most of all, protect your rights.  Let us ensure that your injury case does not “die” on the proverbial “vine.”  We will discuss your case confidentially and free of charge.